Bourne Abbey Church of England Primary Academy

Striving For Excellence, Caring For All In a Loving And Caring Christian Environment.



        Worshipping together within our local community

        Online Reading Workshops Year 2 and Year 6

        Wake Up Wednesday

        Year 5 -Victorian Day

        Wake Up Wednesday

        Year 5 – Victorian Experience at GressenHall

        Year 3 – Enter If You Dare!

        Sir David Attenborough Responds To Year 3’s Persuasive Letters!

        Courageous Challenges – Yr6 PGL


        Our Phenomenal Play Leaders Training

        Is Plastic Fantastic?

        It’s Harvest Time…to say a great big thank you, I mustn’t forget!

        Wake Up Wednesday: Among Us

        Wake Up Wednesday: The Dangers of Vaping

        Theme of the Week Club – Ahoy, Matey!

        Engineered…In Bourne!

        A Brilliant Beginning in Year 4!

        Once Upon a Time…in Year One

        A very special Collective Worship for Bourne Abbey…

        Wake-Up Wednesday: WAPP

        Bourne Abbey’s Rockstars!!

        Year 2 are wacky…about worms!

        Wake-Up Wednesday: Rumble

        Bourne Abbey takes part in the Mini Olympics!

        Year 1 visit Skegness!

        Bourne Abbey: Sports Day 2023

        Big Questions At Collective Worship Club

        Bourne Abbey Year 6 Cricket Success!

        An Amazing Agent Of Change In Year 1!

        Worshipping within our Local Community

        Inspiring change through litter picking!

        Bourne Abbey Bakes For Books!

        Key Stage One Get Gardening for Eco!

        Wake-Up Wednesday: Smart Watches

        Reception get a visit from Partake History Group!

        Wake-Up Wednesday

        Reception and Year 3 visit Great Wood Farm

        Oundle Music Festival…amazing success!

        Chick this out…

        Wake-Up Wednesday: OFCOM report

        Spanish Success!

        Key Stage Two’s Easter Eggstravaganza!*

        Bourne Abbey Cross Country House Competition!

        A Special Easter Service

        Year One Assembly!

        Safer Internet Day 2023

        One Day Creative at Bourne Abbey

        Wake-Up Wednesday: IPads

        Bourne Abbey’s World Book Day 2023

        Wake-Up Wednesday: NGL

        Wake-Up Wednesday: Spotify

        Safer Internet Day 2023

        February Foodbank donation from Bourne Abbey

        Introducing our Bronze Sports Ambassadors!

        Year 3 finally get their answer to ‘Who dunnit?’

        Deafblind awareness visit to Bourne Abbey

        Weaving & Flourishing Together: Bourne Abbey visit to the Cedars

        More Bourne Abbey Agents of Change!

        Developing Our Spirituality at Bourne Abbey

        A quite MARVELLOUS MAP!


        Road Safety Visit to Bourne Abbey

        Year 5 Troy Story Production!

        Year 5 Silverstone Experience

        Young Voices 2023

        Out-Of-This-World-Amazing Year One ‘Take Care’ Homework!

        Taking Collective Worship to the Cedars Community


        Year 3 Author Visit: Bethan Woolvin

        Year 6 Embark on a Rainforest Adventure!

        Christmas Cheer!

        Plastic – it’s not fantastic!

        Wake-Up Wednesday:

        Attendance Assemblies

        Wake-Up Wednesday: New technology & devices @ Christmas

        Year 4’s Peterborough Museum Roman Extravaganza!

        Wake-Up Wednesday: HiPal

        Christmas Generosity

        Bourne Abbey – a special ‘SPY’ writing day

        Wake-Up Wednesday – TikTok

        Autism – visit from specialists

        Amazing Year 1 Homeworks

        Bourne Abbey Remembers

        Bourne Abbey gets a NEW Eco Code

        Wake-Up Wednesday: Anti-Bullying Week

        Year 5 Victorian Day

        Year 5 Visit to Gressen Hall and workhouse

        Bourne Abbey pupils have cross country success!

        Wake-Up Wednesday: Amigo

        Year 3: That’s Not My Mummy!

        Eco school clothes drive

        Bourne Abbey Pupils take part in Barnack Cross Country Run!

        Bourne Abbey & Bourne Elsea Park – Harvest

        Bourne Abbey Year 6 pupils take to Stibbington!

        Years 1 – 3 Harvest Festival 2022

        This week’s Wake-Up Wednesday: Fifa 23

        Year 2 Pupils conquer the ultimate Reading Challenge!

        Bikeability ensures Year 5 have Bike Ability!

        Bourne Abbey Loves Languages!