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        Welcome to Channel Bourne Abbey…

        Author: Jill Bates

        Year One showed off their God given talents as they presented an extraordinary assembly. Parents, carers and governors were the audience of ‘Channel Bourne Abbey’ and tuned into different TV shows where they learnt about four famous explorers from the past. They watched an episode of Dragon’s Den where Christopher Columbus was attempting to get the funds he needed for the voyage. Once he secured the money, we saw some fabulous acting from the children on board Columbus’ ship. Next, we were onto The Chase where all of the questions were about Matthew Henson, one of the first men to reach the North Pole. After that, we tuned into The Masked Dancer where some fascinating facts were given to reveal Amelia Earhart was under the mask! Finally, we watched Strictly Come Dancing where Neil Armstrong performed a dance and nearly got 10 across the board! We loved watching Neil Armstrong moon walk across stage. The children spoke with confidence, having learnt their words off by heart. The actors and narrators presented themselves brilliantly, the Strictly and Masked Dancer contestants danced enthusiastically and the whole year group sang beautifully. The children showed courage and bravery stepping on stage to such a full audience!

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