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        Eco School – Green Flag

        Going Green! Eco-School Green Flag

        Being an Eco-School has helped our whole school community implement our school ethos of: ‘Respect the world and the Environment in which we live in.’ On the 27th March we were assessed and accredited with our first Green Flag award. Along our journey the award has given the children the tools to empower them to drive change by ‘Acting Local and Thinking Global.’

        The school has a dedicated Green Team committee which includes: children, staff, parents and non-teaching staff. The Green Team have completed an environmental review and developed and implemented an action plan. Everyone has embraced the Eco-School topics with enthusiasm, which has included: Energy, Water and Waste.  Eco highlights have included working with a range of organisations such as: Anglian Water, Lincolnshire Carbon Ambassadors Scheme, EDF Energy’s The Pod, Bag 2 School, RSPB Birdwatch and Diverse Utility Solutions and Empties.

        The eco school topics are embedded in our school curriculum, with the aim to prepare the citizens of the future to be environmentally aware and to understand the consequences our actions have upon the world. The children have explored the damage plastic has upon the oceans with our themed week ‘plastic fantastic,’ and explored concepts such as: global warming, greenhouse effect and deforestation.

        Our Green Team are forward thinking and have already thought of new projects including our new topics, ‘Biodiversity’, ‘School Grounds’, ‘Transport’ and ‘Global Citizenship’ which links to our UNICEF and International Schools programme. These are exciting new steps to enhance our school environment and to explore global links. A huge thank you to parents and carers for supporting us with our various projects and campaigns.  We can’t wait to begin our next eco adventures including planned projects such as our new butterfly gardens, Walk to School projects,  links with schools around the world and sustainable goals development.