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        A Visit from Dai Greene

        Author: Kirstin Ross


        On Thursday 25th April, we welcomed Dai Greene to Bourne Abbey, one of the Inspire+ Athlete Ambassadors. Dai Greene is a superb 400m hurdler, who has won multiple medals on the global stage, including the World Championships in 2011 and Commonwealth Games Gold in 2010 . His best time to run 400m hurdles (once round an athletics track whilst hurdling) is 48 seconds, which he said is quicker than if we were to ride our bikes round an athletics track!!

        Dai was incredibly inspiring and spoke to us about sportsmanship including how to manage our emotions within not only sporting situations but also everyday life too, as well as how to be a respectful and kind athlete in all sports,  regardless of whether we win or lose.

        It was a superb afternoon and we are more than ready to show incredible effort, determination and sportsmanship on our upcoming sports day.

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