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        ZooLab visit for Y1

        Author: Helen Fleming

        Year 1 absolutely loved a visit from ZooLab to help them with their Science learning this term. Chris was our presenter and the children couldn’t believe how many facts he knew about animals! The children were introduced to a snake called Buttercup, a millipede called Morris, a gecko called Honey and a scorpion called Elvis! They had the opportunity to hold or stroke Buttercup the snake, Morris the millipede and Honey the gecko. This experience supported their Year 1 Science learning about types of animals, animal diets and describing and comparing the structure of a variety of common animals. It was also fantastic to see so many children try something new such as holding a snake or letting a gecko run up their arm! The children wrote a fantastic recount about their ZooLab visit including lots of new facts about the animals they saw.

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