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        Throughout our PSHE lessons there is a focus on the mental health and well-being of our pupils and families. Here at Bourne Abbey we use a range of programs developed by Partnership for Children including Zippy’s Friends in Year 2, Apple’s Friends in Year 3 and Passport in Years 5 and 6. Partnership for Children also provide additional resources to support families at home.

        Click on the links below to see our Mental Health & Wellbeing action plans and to take a look at resources and links which can offer a range of support and services in relation to mental health and wellbeing.

        Mental Health & Wellbeing Action Plan 2022-23 September 2022

        Mental Health & Wellbeing Action Plan 2021-22 – Reviewed July 2022

        Partnership for children- Resources for parents

        Partnership for children- Covid-19 well-being activities



        Don’t Lose Hope



        Winston’s Wish