Bourne Abbey Church of England Primary Academy

Striving For Excellence, Caring For All In a Loving And Caring Christian Environment.


        We have fantastic support from our P.T.F.A.

        Bourne Abbey is faithfully supported by many parents, teachers and friends who provide an invaluable service to the school.

        The money raised from contributions via special events goes to the P.T.F.A. Fund which goes directly to the children by the way of playground equipment, resources, books, classroom equipment and school visits.  We also have to thank the P.T.F.A. for providing refreshments for school events such as school productions and discos.

        Recently the PTFA purchased some fabulous playground equipment. To stay in line with current guidance, each class now has their own bag full of new resources, including bats, balls and skipping ropes to name a few! Even our amazing midday supervisors were getting involved, ensuring a happy and safe lunchtime for all. A big thank you to our PTFA and Mr Shore who helped make this happen.

        If you would like to contact the P.T.F.A. with any suggestions, offers of help or about any of the events, please contact