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        Collective Worship

        Collective Worship takes place daily in many forms and contributes significantly towards our children’s spiritual development. We understand that time for reflection during Collective Worship and at other times during the day is an essential part of developing our children’s spiritual, moral, social, and cultural (SMSC) awareness.

        Throughout COVID-19 restrictions our school has provided high quality virtual Collective Worship. It has been of the upmost importance that Collective Worship, which is such an integral part of the school day, has been maintained and shared with all. This has included children and staff in school in their ‘bubbles’, those children and staff at home ‘self-isolating’ and through our website for the wider community. The way in which virtual Collective Worship has been planned and created, along with the delivery in the classroom has ensured that children and staff continue to have ‘time to breathe’ and reflect.

        Our Collective Worship Council hold an important role in our school.  Made up from a child in each year group throughout the school their main aims are:

        • To play an active role in planning, leading and evaluating Collective Worship.
        • To support the development of Bourne Abbey as a Church School.

        Collective Worship Council

        As a Collective Worship Councillor the children may be required to assist in planning assemblies, taking part in church services, teaching other children in their class about Christian topics, creating drama sketches on Bible stories, demonstrating values and writing prayers. They will also be required to attend meetings with other Collective Worship Councillors to discuss Collective Worship and how they can make them even more exciting.

        All of our councillors have very important jobs that are specifically linked to our Collective Worship

        Some of their jobs include;

        • keeping the reflection area tidy
        • writing prayers for Collective Worship
        • demonstrating how to use our school values
        • meeting every  to plan assemblies, discuss how their jobs are going, write prayers and lots more..
        • feeding back the minutes of our meetings
        • looking for children who are using their Bourne Abbey School Values
        • helping staff in Collective Worship  with a range of activities and tasks

        Below you will find a range of minutes and newsletters documenting some of the activities carried out by the Collective Worship Council.

        Our Collective Worship Council keep a record of  reflections from adults and children which are recorded during and following all collective worships and some RE lessons.  These are recorded on our school Padlets which you can be seen below.


        2020-2021 Padlets

        Made with Padlet

        Made with Padlet

        Made with Padlet

        Made with Padlet

        Made with Padlet


        Made with Padlet

        Collective Worship Term 4

        It has been wonderful to see our children back in school once again. Whilst we still need to remain in our class bubbles, our children are enjoying their Collective Worship virtually. Here are some of the Collective Worship videos we have shared so far this term.

        This week our children have shared the Virtual Easter service in their classrooms. This has been created by Father Chris and children from both Bourne Abbey and Bourne Elsea Park.

        This Week Mrs Donnington revisited the story of Zacchaeus.

        Miss Seymour shared her Collective Worship all about Spring, the awakening of nature and the celebration of new life.

        Miss Ockwell- Helping someone with a worry

        Mrs Abbey- Saint Francis of Assisi

        Mrs Moore shares the story Dogger to encourage pupils to think about forgiveness and compassion.

        Miss Campbell shares a story all about compassion.

        Mr Bellamy- Feeding the 5000

        Collective Worship Term 3

        Whilst our children are at home and accessing their remote learning, we are providing all children with a daily collective worship using our online learning platform Seesaw. Using this platform children are able to access the collective worship at any point throughout the day and can record their thoughts and reflections for the teacher to see. Here are some of our recent Collective Worship videos.

        The Lost Coin by Miss Peck

        Rev’d Neil’s virtual Collective Worship about Courage


        Mrs Moore shares her virtual collective worship about Courage

        Inspire+ and Sam Ruddock

        Perseverance by Mrs Simpson

        How to catch a star

        Good to be me

        Welcome back from Mrs Moore


        Collective Worship Term 2

        As we could not visit Abbey Church for our annual Christmas service, we have created a virtual Christmas service involving Father Chris and children from both Bourne Abbey and Bourne Elsea Park. The children had great fun putting it all together and it has been shared in our classrooms this week. We hope you enjoy.

        Leigh and Pastor Nick share their Advent 1 collective worship

        Leigh and Pastor Nick share their Advent 2 collective worship

        Rev’d Neil shared his virtual collective worship about Advent and Hope

        Rev’d Neil shared his virtual collective worship about Advent and Love

        Mrs Buttress shared her virtual collective worship this week to mark the lighting of the second Advent candle, the candle of Peace.

        To mark the beginning of Advent, Miss Campbell shared her virtual collective worship with the classes.

        Today Mr Gombault shared his virtual Collective Worship to mark St. Andrew’s Day

        Mrs Moore shares the story Cuddly Duddly for her virtual Collective Worship this week.

        Thank you to Leigh Smith from Bourne Baptist Church for sharing her virtual Collective Worship about Friendship.

        Mrs Buttress shares her virtual collective worship to mark Armistice Day

        Inter Faith Week- a Collective Worship by Mrs Donington

        Mrs Moore shares her virtual collective worship all about keeping safe during bonfire night.

        Collective Worship Term 1

        Rev’d Neil at Colsterworth has been kind enough to share his collective worship this week on Respect.

        Mrs Buttress- We are all superheroes!

        Mrs Moore shares the story ‘Giraffes can’t dance’ in her collective worship this week.

        Rev’d Neil Griffiths from Colsterworth generously shared his Collective Worship all about Peace, focusing on the arrival of the Holy Spirit on Jesus at his baptism.

        Take a look at this year’s virtual Harvest Festival

        Mrs Buttress shares her Collective Worship all about worries.

        Miss Seymour- Agents of Change.

        What makes us special?

        Mrs Donington shares a story from the Bible: Luke Chapter 2 verse 41

        Our Virtual Collective Worship introducing the Christian Value this term- Creation

        Mrs Moore, Mrs Buttress and Mrs Orme were delighted to welcome all our children back into school and share their precious ‘Treasure Box’ memories of the summer. The children watched the video in their classrooms with their teachers and shared their own special moments and memories too.

        Collective Worship at home

        During the lockdown period we strived to offer Collective Worship for children and families at home and in school bubbles.  These videos ca be found below:


        A day in the life of a Collective Worship Councillor

        Collective Worship Council Meeting Minutes

        Collective Worship Council Meeting Minutes- November 2020

        Collective Worship Council Meeting Minutes- October 2020

        Collective Worship Council Meeting Minutes – December 2019

        Collective Worship Council Meeting Minutes – November 2019

        Collective Worship Council Meeting Minutes  January 2020

        Collective Worship Council Newsletters

        Collective Worship Council Newsletter Autumn 2020/21

        Collective Worship Newsletter February 2019/20

        Collective Worship Newsletter Autumn 2019/20

        Collective Worship Newsletter Summer 2018/19

        Collective Worship Newsletter Spring 2018/19