Bourne Abbey Church of England Primary Academy

Striving For Excellence, Caring For All In a Loving And Caring Christian Environment.


        Welcome to the Governance area of Bourne Abbey C of E Primary Academy.

        Trustees work with our Chief Executive Officer/Executive Headteacher, Mrs. Sarah Moore to ensure that all within our Multi Academy Trust flourish.

        The Trustees shape the strategic vision and ethos of the Trust, monitor and challenge school performance as well as dealing with financial planning and business matters with the aim of continual improvement.  Trustees and local governors have a wide range of experience, skills and expertise, all of which improves the governance within the Trust and our schools. During our meetings great thought is given to how we have, through our discussions and decisions, seen the impact of our vision.

        All our Trustees and local governors take great pride in providing capable oversight and guidance across all areas. Together we ensure all of our academies provide a safe and enriching environment in which every child can learn, grow and develop to reach their full potential. We also strive to provide a rewarding environment for our staff, to ensure we attract and retain the best people in our profession.

        We are dedicated to raising the aspirations for all children by celebrating their successes and achievements in a safe and caring environment. We call this rigour with care.

        It is our aim to build a financially strong trust and support our academies by providing the resources and assistance they require to succeed. We actively encourage individuality within each academy to reflect the diversity and character of the local community within a Church of England setting.

        If you would like to hear more about our academies or Trust please Email:

        Stephen Haigh              Chair


        Please click the link below to access the Financial benchmarking page for Bourne Abbey:

        Bourne Abbey – Financial Benchmarking


        Please use the links below for information about the governing body.

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