Bourne Abbey Church of England Primary Academy

Striving For Excellence, Caring For All In a Loving And Caring Christian Environment.

        Important Letters


        Joint DHSC DFE Ministerial Letter


        Mrs Moore_LettertoParents&Carers_13.05.20

        Mrs Moore_LettertoParents&Carers_11.05.20



        Mrs Moore_LettertoParents&Carers_27.04.20

        FSM_Arrangements_wc4thMay & Beyond

        Mrs Moore Letter to the Children_17.04.20

        Mrs Moore_Letter to the Children 03.04.20

        We Are One

        Coronavirus Update 02.04.20

        FSM Arrangements w/c 6th April

        Refund Updates_Letter to Parents_02.04

        Free School Meals_Arrangements_wc 30th March

        Refunds_Letter to Parents

        Coronavirus Update Day3 25.03.2020


        Free School Meal arrangements_w/c 30thMarch2020

        Coronavirus Day1_Letter23rd March 2020

        Arrangements for key worker children final 20.3.202

        Coronavirus Letter Closure 19.03

        Social Distancing Measures_18.03.20

        AAT Covid 19 letter 13.3.2020

        Covid 19 Update 12.03.20

        Sport Relief – March 2020

        Sport Relief – Abbey Ark – March 2020

        New Bourne Abbey Website letter

        Year 4 Multiplication Tables Check Letter 

        World Book Day 2020

        World Book Day 2020 – Abbey Ark

        Share A Million Stories Letter to Parents

        Coronavirus_Letter 03.03.20


        Golden time letter- KS2

        Golden time letter- KS1

        Abbey Ark Opening Letter_January 2020

        Parental Questionnaire 28.1.20

        Uniform Reminder January 2020

        Year 1 Phonics Evening

        Car Park Safety January 2020

        Car Park Safety-November 2019

        Parents’ Evening

        Parents’ Evening 2

        One Day Creative Parent Workshops Letter 

        Friends of Nyansakia Bingo Night

        Book Bands Letter

        Christmas E-Safety Newsletter 2019

        Operation Encompass Letter 

        Children in Need letter – Abbey Ark 

        Children in Need letter 2019

        Friendship Week 2019

        Operation Christmas Child 2019

        Phonics September 2019