Bourne Abbey Church of England Primary Academy

Striving For Excellence, Caring For All In a Loving And Caring Christian Environment.

        Important Letters


        NSPCC Pants Letter

        Y5 Space Centre Visit

        Y2 Growing & Changing

        Y1 Natureland Visit

        Start & End of Day Routines May22

        Bourne Abbey Update April 22

        Reception Partake Theatre Pirates 2022

        Bourne Abbey Update March 2022

        E-Safety Mar 22

        Red Nose Day 2022_BAP

        Planetarium Visit_2022


        1-Minute Maths App

        World Book Day Letter 2022

        Year 1 Phonics Virtual Uploaded

        Bourne Abbey Update 06-21-22

        Reception Chinese New Year

        Parents’ Evening Spring 22

        Reception Pattern Day – Feb 2022

        Year 1 Phonics Virtual Information Session

        Reception Pattern Day – Feb 2022

        Year 2 Assembly Feb 22

        Year 1 Junk Modelling Letter

        Safer Internet Day & One Day Creative Workshops 2022

        Year 1 Hardtack Tasting

        Bethan Woollvin Letter

        Bourne Abbey Update 05-21-22

        AAT Children’s Commissioner Guide Letter 2022

        CCO Talking to your child about online sexual harassment – a guide for parents 2021

        Phonics Letter Y2 Autumn 2021

        Y5 Troy Story Assembly Letter Jan22

        Growing & Changing Y5 Jan 22

        DECEMBER Newsletter 2021

        Christmas E-Safety Newsletter 2021

        Bourne Abbey Update 04-21-22

        Y2 Partake Theatre_Jan22

        R & KS1 Christmas Parties 2021


        Year 4 MTC Check Nov21

        Year 3 Egyptian Mahshi

        Christmas Lunch & Jumpers 2021

        Bourne Abbey Update 03-21-22

        Online Reading Workshops NOV21_Reminder

        SEND Questionnaire Responses

        Meet the SEND Team

        Reading Workshops Year 2 & Year 6 NOV21

        Netball Tournament Nov 21

        Tag Rugby 30th November 21

        Y6 Football Tournament Nov21

        Peterborough Museum Dec 2021

        Y3 Partake Theatre 2021

        Staff Changes Y3 Nov 21 3S

        Staff Changes Y3 Nov 21_3D&P

        Friendship week

        Switch Off Fortnight

        SOF21 Competition Flyer

        Save Energy at Home Factsheet UPDATED 2021

        Seesaw & Homework Letter

        Car Park Closure Nov 21

        NCMP Letter to Parents

        NCMP Pre-measurement Parent Leaflet

        Bourne Abbey Update 02-21-22

        Year 4 Assembly – Costumes

        Dan Hawbrook E-safety Session Nov 2021

        Parents’ Evening Nov 2021

        Staff Changes SENCo Oct 2021

        Staff Changes 1P Oct 2021

        AAT letter to parents feedback policy

        E-safety Squid Game 14.10.21

        Bourne Abbey Update 01-21-22

        Dates for  Diary 2021_2022 Terms 1 & 2

        Harvest Letter

        SEND Questionnaire Sept 21

        Hello Yellow 2021

        Club Cancellation Y2 Bubbles

        Family Learning Letter Autumn 21

        Supertato & Superhero Day

        KIRFS Letter

        Threshold Letter_COVID-19

        Year 6 Beth Shalom Nov 2021

        Year 2 Vintage Cars Sep 21

        Year 1 2021 NumBots

        Rotary Club Competitions

        Bike to School Week September 2021

        Year 4 Swimming Sep21 Update

        Online Agreement_Year 3 Sep21

        Reception Cereal Tasting & Superhero Cape Sep21

        Sarah Moore Newsletter Sept 2021

        Y5 Victorian Experience Day 2021

        Year 4Caythorpe Residential Visit 2022

        Clubs Letter Autumn 2021

        Clubs List Autumn 2021

        Clubs Agreement Sep21

        Secondary Application Letter To Parents 2021

        RSE Letter Year 4 Sept 2021

        Flu Vaccinations 2021

        Year 4 Swimming Sep 21

        ISA Letter BAP_Jul21

        Letter R2021_BAP_19.07.21


        Re-opening_FAQs_ParentsCarers Sep21

        Fairytale Day for Sept 2021

        Tapestry instructions

        Tapestry Letter Reception

        Bourne Abbey Update 09-20.21

        Open Evening at Charles Read Academy for Year 5

        Autumn Flu Vaccinations Bourne Abbey C of E Primary Academy 2021

        Year 2 RSE Letter June 2021

        Year 5 2021-22 Bikeability Expression of Interest Letter

        Africa Day Letter

        Year 6 Geography Fieldwork Letter

        Year 4 Map Fieldwork Letter

        Year 6 – End of Year Celebrations 2021

        Year 6 Leavers’ Service 2021

        Summer Profile Meetings 2021

        Mrs Moore Letter to Parents & Carers 22.06.21

        Birthday Sweets

        PTFA Summer Fayre Donations

        Abbey Ark Letter to parents – June 21 (Sept sessions)

        Term Date Change June 2021(Jubilee)

        Term Dates 2021-2023 Jun 21

        Y6 Roots to Food June 2021

        Y4 Multiplication Tables Check Letter

        Growing & Changing Y5 June 2021

        NSPCC Pants Letter June 2021

        Speak Out Stay Safe Letter Y1-6

        Club Collection Reminders 08.06.21

        Car Park Safety June 2021

        Wildlife Trust 30 Days Wild

        Activity Passport

        Club Collection Term 6 2021

        Parent Governor Welcome Letter May 2021

        Bourne Abbey Update  08-20.21

        Reintroduction of Hot Meals

        Parent Gov  Election Results May21

        Reception Foodbank Letter

        Y6 DT Salad

        Clubs Parent Letter Term 6

        Bubble SportsDay May 2021

        Water in Schools May 2021

        Christian Aid Letter 2021

        International Schools – Parent Evaluation Letter Y5

        Activity 3 – Parent Evaluation Y5

        FSM May Grocery Pack

        FSM May Grocery Pack AA

        Years 1-3 NumBots Letter for Parents

        AAT E-Safety Letter SJM

        NOS Snapchat Guide

        Roblox Guide 2021


        What-is-Snapchat LSCB

        Car Park Safety-April2021

        Reading Book Amnest Y1

        Years 1-3 NumBots Letter for Parents

        Y3 Apple’s Letter

        Big Pedal 2021

        Green Flag 2021 Letter

        Pirate dress up 2021_BAP

        Diary Dates Term 5 & 6

        Growing & Changing & Drugs Education Y4 April 2021

        Summer Term Update

        Y2 Pitta Faces


        First News March 2021

        Y5 Flatbread Letter

        Bourne Abbey Update 07-20.21

        Drop Off & Collection Reminders 15.03.21

        Easter Celebration Letter Abbey Ark

        Easter Celebration Letter 2021

        LRSP Term 4 Primary Parents

        Beep Beep with Timmy Time_2019_Colouring-sheet_Zebra-crossing

        Y5 Residential 20-21

        Y6 Residential 20-21

        Reception Virtual Farm Visit March 2021

        Waste Week Letter to Parents 2021

        Waste Week Competition Guidelines

        Food Waste Top Tips

        Red Nose Day 2021

        Share a Smile Poster

        Bikeability Reminder

        Children’s Bikeability Checklist

        Bourne Abbey Update 06

        Y6 Fairtrade Chocolate Bananas

        Mrs Moore Letter to Children 26.02.21

        Device Return Letter

        Letter to Parents Kids Club & Easter Holiday Club 25.02.21

        Re-opening_FAQs_ParentsCarers_BAPA_24th Feb FINALdocx

        Letter to Parents_FAQs_24.02.21_BAP

        Letter to Parents_MarchRe-opening_23.02.21

        World Book Day Lettter 2021 Abbey Ark

        World Book Day Lettter 2021

        Spring 2021 Parent Consultations

        Pattern Day 2021

        Snow closure – 9th Feb 2021

        Save Water Poster Competition

        Update Letter from Mrs Moore 05.02.21

        Safer Internet Day Letter to Parents 2021 final

        Whole School Online Celebrations

        Phonics Nov 2020

        Mrs Moore Letter to Children 29.01.21

        FSM Feb Half-term 27thJan2021 Abbey Ark

        FSM Feb Half-term 27thJan2021

        Garden Birdwatch Letter

        RSPB Garden Birdwatch – food picture

        RSPB Garden Birdwatch



        Abbey Ark Update – Jan ’21

        Snow closure – 25thJan21_Letter

        Wellbeing Letter Final 19.01.21

        School Meals 11.01.21

        Mrs Moore Update 11.01.21

        Mrs Moore LettertoChildren 06.01.21

        Mrs Moore Update 06.01.21

        Arrangements for key worker children final 05.01.2021

        Update Letter from Mrs Moore_05.01.21

        Letter from Mrs Moore_4thJan2021_Closure

        Grocery Pack Collection Fri 18th Dec

        Mrs Moore’s Christmas Letter 2020

        Letter from Mrs Moore_Christmas Holidays

        Letter from Mrs Moore_Nativity & Christmas Services

        KS1 Christmas Party_2020

        R Christmas Party 2020

        Christmas_Lunch_Friday 11th December

        COVID Winter Food Grant Abbey Ark 8th December 2020

        COVID Winter Grant FSM_8th December 2020

        Foodbank_Christmas 2020

        Year 2 and Year 6 Reading Workshops NOV20

        Minister Ford open letter to the SEND sector 9th Nov

        BAPA Switch Off Fortnight 2020

        Save Energy at Home_Factsheet

        Mrs Moore – LettertoParentsCarers_11.11.20_Final

        School Crossing Patrol_NowellsLane

        Friendship Week 2020

        Bourne Abbey Update 03-20.21




        Bourne Abbey Update 01-20.21

        Letter to parents_online agreement_Y3_Oct20Letter to parents_online agreement_Y456_Oct20


        Letter to parents_online agreement_R12_Oct20


        Healthy Minds Lincolnshire Online Workshops 2020

        Letter from Mrs Moore_Class Assemblies


        PTFA AGM Notice 2020


        Reception Curriculum Letter

        PHE letter to parents and guardians


        FSM AutoOrders Sept2020


        Vintage cars_2020

        Letter from Mrs Moore_10.09.20

        TikTok AAT letter 09.09.20

        BAPA_Letter for 9.9.20_Final

        SM Newsletter Sept 2020 BAPA 8.9.2020

        SIP 2020-2021 Parent & Carer – BAPA

        Jeans for Genes_2020

        Letter from Mrs Moore_26.08.20


        2020.08.24 _Schools_Primary_A4Leaflet

        Car Park Safety-Sep20

        Transition Back to School Parent Toolkit V120200804


        Mrs Moore_Letter to children_20.07.20


        Y62020_Letter fromSM_BAPA

        LMS_Instrumental Lessons CoverLetter_July2020


        Letter from Mrs Buttress to Reception 2020

        Letter from Mrs Moore_BAPA_14.07.20


        StaffClass Details Sept 20_BAPA_Final





        Tapestry instructions_BAP

        Flu 2020 first letter Bourne Abbey

        Healthy Minds – Primary parent workshop


        Kids’ Club Registration Form_2020_BAPA




        FSM Vouchers_Summer 2020_BAP


        Free School Meals_June 2020



        Mrs Moore_Letter to children_18.06.20



        RSE policy _for consultation


        Abbey Ark Sessions – Sept 2020


        Minister Ford’s open letter to SEND sector


        Letter to children_02.06.20





        Joint DHSC DFE Ministerial Letter


        Mrs Moore_LettertoParents&Carers_13.05.20

        Mrs Moore_LettertoParents&Carers_11.05.20



        Mrs Moore_LettertoParents&Carers_27.04.20

        FSM_Arrangements_wc4thMay & Beyond

        Mrs Moore Letter to the Children_17.04.20

        Mrs Moore_Letter to the Children 03.04.20

        We Are One

        Coronavirus Update 02.04.20

        FSM Arrangements w/c 6th April

        Refund Updates_Letter to Parents_02.04

        Free School Meals_Arrangements_wc 30th March

        Refunds_Letter to Parents

        Coronavirus Update Day3 25.03.2020


        Free School Meal arrangements_w/c 30thMarch2020

        Coronavirus Day1_Letter23rd March 2020

        Arrangements for key worker children final 20.3.202

        Coronavirus Letter Closure 19.03

        Social Distancing Measures_18.03.20

        AAT Covid 19 letter 13.3.2020

        Covid 19 Update 12.03.20

        Sport Relief – March 2020

        Sport Relief – Abbey Ark – March 2020

        New Bourne Abbey Website letter

        Year 4 Multiplication Tables Check Letter 

        World Book Day 2020

        World Book Day 2020 – Abbey Ark

        Share A Million Stories Letter to Parents

        Coronavirus_Letter 03.03.20


        Golden time letter- KS2

        Golden time letter- KS1

        Abbey Ark Opening Letter_January 2020

        Parental Questionnaire 28.1.20

        Uniform Reminder January 2020

        Year 1 Phonics Evening

        Car Park Safety January 2020

        Car Park Safety-November 2019

        Parents’ Evening

        Parents’ Evening 2

        One Day Creative Parent Workshops Letter 

        Friends of Nyansakia Bingo Night

        Book Bands Letter

        Christmas E-Safety Newsletter 2019

        Operation Encompass Letter 

        Children in Need letter – Abbey Ark 

        Children in Need letter 2019

        Friendship Week 2019

        Operation Christmas Child 2019

        Phonics September 2019