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        The opportunities that computing gives our young people as they grow are both wide and fantastic. Even as little as ten or fifteen years ago the technology being used today would seem amazing. With this ever changing world comes ever changing challenges. It is important that all children are kept safe from things which could make them upset or put them at risk. At school we help the children to think about their use and behaviour of computers. In discussions with them and using government advice we can minimise the risks.    

        As a school we want to be able to empower all children to learn all that they need to to be able to stay safe online.  To support us in this process, we have are part of the National Online Safety programme which provides a plethora of resources and materials to help keep children safe online.

        Here is a Collective Worship created by our E-safety Champions to remind us all of our E-safety topics this year and how we can all stay safe online.



        Our E safety team shared the story ‘The internet is like a puddle’ in their Collective Worship.

        One Day Creative Workshops

        KS1 and Reception – Cyber Heroes!

        Focusing on the world of online gaming, this fun and interactive workshop investigated the potential dangers and pitfalls of the internet whilst in a secure and creative environment. We explored issues such as online bullying, age appropriate content and in-game chat. Our children created their own positive strategies to ensure that they stay safe online and that they could share with parents/carers. The children invented their own “cyber-hero” identities to spread the message that being savvy and sensible means that the internet stays safe and fun for everyone!

        This workshop was particularly brilliant for showing children how pop-ups can be persuasive or fake. We had to try and dodge the pop-ups and not get distracted by them! Great job Key Stage One!

        Tarran said, “I loved pretending to be a pop-up. Mine was trying to get people to buy coins for a game really cheap. No one in my class was distracted though, they all stayed away from me”

        KS2 – Cyber bullying

        This workshop explored how social media, the internet and in particular online gaming are an integral part of our life today, but there can be a darker side. We focused on highlighting the positives of the online world as well as areas to be aware. It introduced KS2 to the ways that online bullying can manifest. In a safe and open environment, the children also explored the wider themes of online privacy, digital footprints and online grooming in an age appropriate way.

        Parent/Carer Workshops

        After our fantastic One Day Creative workshops there was a parent/carer workshop called ‘The Cyber Generation Game’

        We know that for children the internet is a constant part of their everyday lives. However, for some adults, it is still a dizzying maze of websites, games and apps with all manner of potential problems attached to each one.

        This workshop gave parents and carers the information needed to navigate their way into a safer online experience. It ensured parents/carers had the appropriate information they needed to begin those tricky conversations at home with their children about staying safe.

        We explored online security, passwords, parental controls, cyberbullying, peer pressure, online gaming and how to approach difficult conversations around online safety.

        One of our parent/carers said, “I already know lots about parental controls and cyberbullying. This workshop helped to put my mind at ease that I knew about this. The most important part of the workshop that I will take away with me is how to begin a conversation with my children about online safety. Thank you.”

        E-Safety Overview 2022-23

        Please click the links below to access further E-safety resources.