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        Agents of Change


        Being an Agent of Change is a key part of the Christian nature of Bourne Abbey School. It sounds like the job of a super hero doesn’t it? It is an incredibly important role, but anyone, absolutely anyone can be an Agent of Change. We all have the power to do something, to change one thing that can have a positive effect on the people or world around us. It could be as simple as putting rubbish in the bin, smiling at someone who needs a friend or offering to help with a job. It could be as big as reducing your carbon footprint, raising money for a good cause or campaigning for change. We all have the power to do something good. We celebrate all Agents of Change and would like to share some heroes within our school….


        Here are just some of the recent examples of Bourne Abbey Agents of Change. Could you be next?

        Daisy has recently (and very bravely), had her hair cut as part of raising money for the Little Princess Trust, an organisation that provides wigs to children with cancer to help restore their confidence and identity. We think it is fantastic that Daisy has shown such courageous advocacy for such an important cause – and she is a definite Bourne Abbey Agent Of Change.




        Esme in Year 3 has been a fantastic example of An Agent Of Change this year – not only have her and her friend in Year 3 been out on the streets of Bourne, picking up litter – but Esme has also been extremely thoughtful and donated seventy of her books to another local school. What a fantastic and thoughtful act – that will help others with their reading. Well done for making a difference, Esme.



        Charlie in Y5 has earnt his Agent of Change badge this week! He has been out picking up litter each evening within his local community and filled several rubbish bags. He is very passionate about protecting the environment and this shows how motivated you are to make a difference Charlie.

        Emiliya bravely donated many inches of her hair to the Little Princess Trust foundation to help those children who suffer from hair loss or those who would like to have more hair.

        Emiliya grows and donates her hair each year and is currently growing her hair again to have it cut in the summer holidays and donated to the Little Princess Trust foundation. Emiliya is a true Agent of Change and shows an enormous amount of humility, courage and compassion that we all can learn from. You are a superstar Emiliya!

        Madison from 1SS started the New Year off well by litter picking around the vicinity of her home. Madison asked her mum to take her out as the litter makes the road look messy and can hurt the animals. Madison was shocked as she had collected one full bag of rubbish after just one road.

        Otis Davey (Y1) and his very talented mum, have crocheted 33 smart snakes for every child and adult working in 1SS (the smart snakes) for Christmas. They are so thoughtful, adorable and came with their own amazing poem. Thank you so much Otis, they will be treasured forever



        Well done to Bella Ward in 6H. She had her hair cut and is donating it to the Little Princess trust.  She had an amazing 8.5 inches cut off (her mum did as well!). Bella raised money to support a cancer charity, something very important to her and her family as her Grandad has survived 4 types of cancer. Well done Bella!