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        Year Three Learning This Week

        Author: hue

        This week in maths, year 3 have been exploring a range of 3D shapes. We started by exploring hidden shapes and using our awesome Maths Talk to describe the shapes to our learning partner. Then we got creative and constructed different 3D shapes out of paper. We had oodles of fun!

        In science, we have been putting our exploring skills to the test! We took our learning out of the classroom and with our magnifying glass we explored a range of microhabitats in search for minibeasts. We found many minibeasts and recorded our findings on our tally chart.

        Year 3 have also been looking at packaging in DT. This week we have been looking at the structures used in packaging. We were set the challenge to rest an A4 structure that can hold the most weight. We only had a piece of  A4 paper and could only use sellotape to hold it together while only making 4 cuts. It wasn’t an easy challenge!

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