Bourne Abbey Church of England Primary Academy

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        iPads at Bourne Abbey


        In 2016  Bourne Abbey decided to embark on a journey to help bring learning to life.  We wanted to help make children’s learning even more creative and engaging to help provide children with some of the skills that they would need in the 21st century. Our vision was a brave one; thirty iPads in each year group, iPads being used in all classrooms to enhance learning and teaching in all areas of the curriculum, personalised staff training, improved engagement from the children.  We feel as though this technology has made a remarkable difference to our children and their learning.

        With the help of our Apple Premium Reseller, KRCS, who have provided support with the enrolment of our iPads as well as a personalised programme of staff training and development, we have made huge strides in using technology effectively in the classroom.  Furthermore, we’ve also begun the process of completely redesigning our computing curriculum to teach children key skills, such as coding, in an engaging and interactive way. At the heart of our curriculum is the teaching of E-safety, with regular sessions with all year groups to help them understand the importance of staying safe online and how technology needs to be used responsibly, something which underpins our computing curriculum here at our Academy.

        Bourne Abbey and KRCS