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        What’s your SMART?

        Author: hue


        This week we explored our God given talents or SMARTS. We started off the lesson by reading a quote from the book, ‘All the Ways to be Smart’. It said,


        ‘Every hour of every day, we are smart in our own special way.’


        This quote made us think, because when we looked around our classroom at all our friends, we are each unique and we all have different talents. When we began to read the book, we discovered that being smart is not just about ticks and crosses on our worksheets, it is actually about how we show who we really are. For example, being great at sport, or drawing fantastic pictures. We are all smart!


        After that, we selected the smart we are most proud of or best at and created a super awesome human bar chart on the playground. We have many different talents in our class and are so excited to show them off in Year 3.

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