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        Victorian Day

        Author: Bourne Abbey

        Victorian Bourne Abbey

        As part of our recent Victorian day, Year 5 studied various aspects of school life. This included learning about pupils’ experiences in a Victorian classroom. The Year 5 classrooms were set up in a Victorian style and teachers transformed into Victorian schoolteachers; a pretty scary experience!  Did you know Bourne Abbey originally opened in 1877 and used to be called Star Lane Primary during Victorian times?

        We used a primary source of information, the school’s log book, to study the lives of past pupils and gather information to compare to life today.

        We also used other examples of primary sources of information, maps of Bourne, to show land use in 1881 compared with that of today and were able to see the significant changes Bourne has undertaken since the Victorian times.

        Mr Jim Shore, Assistant Head, said “Grateful thanks go to all of our parents and carers who supported the experience by providing the children with some fabulous costumes. A thoroughly interesting, informative and fun day was had by all.”


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