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        Roald Dahl Day

        Author: Bourne Abbey

        Roald Dahl Day Press Release


        On Friday 13th of September, Bourne Elsea Park CofE Primary Academy and Bourne Abbey Primary Academy, had the most amazing time taking part in Roald Dahl Day, a celebration of the wonderful life of Roald Dahl. They learnt all about Roald’s amazing life, including; his childhood and time at school, his career in the RAF, and his wife and children – the inspiration for him becoming an author. Roald Dahl was not only the one of the world’s most well-known and well-loved authors, but he was also a screenwriter and a poet. He even invented the Well-Dahl-Till shunt to drain excess fluid from his son’s brain after he was involved in an accident at just 4 months old.

        The day got off to a flying start with Miss Ockwell and Mr Brunt leading assemblies where they were able to share some of their favourite Roald Dahl books, with Miss Ockwell opting for the gruesome twosome of The Twits, and Mr Brunt opted for Boy: Tales of Childhood.

        Throughout the day, the children completed a range of exciting and often hilarious activities: from creating incredible wanted posters and inspiring character descriptions, to comparing numbers using the Enormous Crocodile and mixing fabulous BFG inspired dream potions. Some children even created their own Dirty Beasts and Enormous Crocodiles, and the Year 6 children painted historically accurate watercolour Spitfires.

        To end the ‘Dahlightful’ day, the schools were filled with gasps, sniggers and giggles, as the children listened to a wide range of Roald Dahl’s stories, poems and jokes. What a truly talented and inspirational man he was! Happy Birthday Roald Dahl!

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