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        Road Safety Week 2021

        Author: hue

        We took part in Road Safety Week from the 15th – 21st November. Led by the Junior Road Safety Officers, the week helped pupils learn how to stay safe on the roads.

        This year the theme ‘Road Safety Heroes’ celebrated the heroic work of road safety professionals and aimed to celebrate the work of people who help to reduce injuries, join communities of road safety heroes together and speak up for everyone’s right to make safe and healthy journeys where they live.

        The Junior Road Safety Officers, pupils in year 6 launched Road Safety week with a collective worship. They discussed different road safety heroes and shared key messages of how to stay safe on the roads including ‘Stop, Look and Listen’ and sharing the Green Cross Code.

        Throughout school, children in each class completed a lesson focussing on road safety. In Reception they learnt a road safety rap and made a road safety poster to remind them to hold hands on the way home. Children in Year 1 practiced their Stop, Look and Listen skills on the playground and talked about different road safety heroes them might see when they’re out walking. Year 2 were tasked with creating a road safety poster to educate younger children on how to stay safe on their journeys to school.

        In Year 3, pupils focussed on the Green Cross Code and watched different road safety adverts as inspiration for their own road safety songs and raps. Children in Year 4 and 5 created road safety posters, calling out for road safety heroes, to promote the qualities of safety in cars and walking across roads. Finally in Year 6, they focussed on the ABC of road safety and how their choices can help ‘Road Safety Heroes.’

        Road Safety Week is an important event to remind children of how to stay safe on the roads. We have been impressed by the children’s ideas and thoughts on how to stay safe and promote road safety. Our Junior Road Safety Officers, are excited to continue their campaign of keeping their school community safe throughout the rest of this academic year.

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