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        Remarkable Remote Learning

        Author: Bourne Abbey


        We could not be more proud of the work our children have been producing, both those who are in school and those who are learning from home, during our school closure.  I’m sure you will agree, we can see so many of our High Five values through the children’s work, including a take care attitude, lashings of enthusiasm and of course, the WOW factor!

        Year 3 have been exploring the idea of ‘twisted fairy tales’. They read the Bethan Woollvin’s book, ‘Little Red’ and compared her ending to that of traditional tales. After that they explored lots of different book trailers to think about their features such as music, animations and suspense sentences. The children then planned their own alternative ending and created a book trailer for it without giving away the story!

        Here is Archie’s trailer!

        And Zachary’s spooky trailer!


        Here is Vihaan’s video.

        Here is Rokana delivering an amazing speech in the role of Ernest Shackleton, trying to inspire and motivate the crew to continue with their expedition even though their ship is stuck in the ice and they are cold, hungry and frightened.

        Children in Year 6, working at home and in school, were inspired by Georgia O’Keefe’s Ladder to the Moon and created their own artwork in this style.

        Sacha and Chloe in Year 6 enjoying their dance PE lesson provided by Inspire+

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