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        eSafety – guides

        The links below offer advice and guidance on a range of popular apps and social media website.

        National Online Safety Parent Guides

        Parental controls

        10 ways to show kindness online



        Squid Games

        Tik Tok

        Apple access guides

        Social Bots

        Parental Control for Apps for iphone

        Parental Control for Apps for Android

        Social Media Scams



        Email Scams

        Ofcom Media use and attitudes

        Roblox Guide


        Rec rooms

        How to prepare for an Emergency- Samsung phone

        How to prepare for an Emergency- iPhone

        How to prepare for an Emergency- Google

        Signal Guide

        Express themselves guide

        We Chat guide

        Ebay guide

        Fake news guide

        Online safety tips for Christmas

        How to safely set up your Playstation 5

        Call of duty- Black Ops

        14 ways to be kind online

        X Box Series

        League of Legends

        Among us

        Remote Education

        Tellonym Guide

        Persuasive Design

        Amazon Alexa Guide

        Stay Safe Online Guide

        Online Bullying Guide

        How not to be a screen zombie!

        Keeping children safe online

        Playstation 4 Guide

        Online Grooming

        What is House Party

        What is Yellow?

        What is Snapchat?

        Snapchat – Privacy Settings and Blocking

        What is Snap Map?

        What is Sarahah?

        What is Roblox?

        What is Pokemon Go?

        What is Live Streaming?

        What is Instagram?

        Instagram – Privacy Settings

        What is Fortnite?

        What is Facebook?

        What is YouTube?

        Tik Tok – A Parent’s Guide

        Tik Tok – Privacy Settings

        MOMO – A Parent’s Guide

        Keeping Children Safe Online

        eSafety Leaflet for Parents

        Social Networks

        Stay Safe Partnership’s YouTube page: