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        Farmer George and his terrific tractor

        Author: Bourne Abbey

        Wow! What an amazing day we all had when Farmer George and his wife from ‘Bowthorpe Farm Park’ came to school in his terrific tractor as part of the ‘Tractors into School’ initiative.

        We learned so much about how crops grow and how animals are cared for on the farm. One of the first activities was handling and using our senses to explore porridge oats before they had been rolled and wheat before it had been milled. It is amazing to think that these are then made in to porridge for our breakfast and the wheat in to flour to make the bread we have for our sandwiches.

        The animals at his farm are fed hay and we had a chance to smell this which didn’t smell quite as good!

        The highlight of the visit was undoubtedly climbing up the metal steps and sitting in the cab of the tractor. We saw the radio and computer that Farmer George uses to help him with all the jobs on the farm.

        At the end of the visit we sang our own version of Old MacDonald for Farmer George and it went like this, “Farmer George had a farm ee-i-ee-i-o and on that farm he had some pigs…”

        Thanks for coming to see us Farmer George 😊

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