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        A Fairytale in… Year 3?

        Author: Bourne Abbey


        Wow! What a start to 2020! The Year 3 children of Bourne Abbey Primary simply could not believe their eyes and ears when, on Tuesday 7th January at 9:15am, they received a message from Lincolnshire Police saying there had been a disturbance in the school grounds in the early hours of the morning. The police stated that a vast amount of evidence had been left at the site of the incident, but they simply couldn’t identify who (or what) could have been involved or what could have happened. So they asked the children to put on their best detective hats and set out to investigate the site.

        Once the children arrived at the crime scene (the woodland at the far end of the school premises), they soon spotted a number of familiar belongings and items of clothing. Scattered around the site, the children identified Little Red Riding Hood’s cloak, the Evil Step Mother’s magic mirror, a pair of extremely large (you might even say ‘giant’) boots, a sparkling glass slipper (which clearly belonged to Cinderella), a cauldron, a house made of sweets, a golden egg, an axe, porridge oats, and an extremely long golden plait.

        The children soon realised this was no ordinary crime scene, but a fairytale crime scene. Clearly some mischievous fairytale characters had been trespassing and getting up to all sorts of mischief.

        Looking closely at the evidence and clues, the children drew all sorts of conclusions, and established that (among other things!), the evil step mother had turned Snow White into a frog, the troll had gobbled one of the Three Billy Goats Gruff, Little Red Riding Hood had made slippers from the wolf’s skin and Grandma’s nightdress had been strapped to the chair to be used as evidence!

        As soon as the children finished investigating the site, they scampered back to their classrooms and completed the official Police Incident Reports. They then sent these off to the Lincolnshire Police to assist them with their investigations.


        Miss Lorna Ockwell, Assistant Head and Year 3 Leader, said “I think it’s fair to say, the children absolutely loved helping the police with their investigations and would be thrilled to be of assistance again in the future!”

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