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        Year 6 LIVES workshop

        Author: hue

        On Friday 16th July Year 6 had a visit from John from LIVES and took part in a First Aid workshop.
        John began the workshop by explaining the numbers to called in an emergency. The children then learnt about the primary survey (DR ABC) and what to do in each stage. John explained the importance of checking for danger first before checking to see if the person responds. He then demonstrated how to check the airway, breathing and finally how to perform CPR.
        The children were then able to put their knowledge into action and worked in small groups to perform the primary survey on first aid manikins. They learnt the importance of making sure they swap over with someone after two minutes and learnt how fast they should complete the compressions.
        The workshop was a great experience for our children but also an important life skill for them to learn. Many of the children understood the importance of CPR after watching the Euros and so were very keen to get involved and learn a life saving skill.


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