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        Year 4 ‘Not so’ Rotten Romans!

        Author: Bourne Abbey

        Our Peterborough Museum Roman Experience.

        What an amazing day Year 4 children at Bourne Abbey Primary had this week at the Peterborough Museum. We began our Roman experience by travelling back in time to AD 70 as Castor Palace slaves. Once in role, our job was to prepare and organise a three-course meal and entertainment for a Roman banquet. This meant shopping at the market at Durobrivae, checking the Palace kitchens for the correct ingredients and even having to prepare a suitable garment for the Governor to wear to his special meal.

        Having pleased the Governor, we learnt how to create Roman ornaments and crafted our own clay faces. Using all the skills of an archaeologist, our next challenge was to handle and draw conclusions about real Roman artefacts found in this area.


        Finally, we visited the Roman doctor, where we experienced some strange and quiet scary methods of healing,
        “This was the first trip I’ve been on in a long time and it was just awesome!”
        What a super way to finish an amazing History study of the ‘not so’ Rotten Romans.

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