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        Year 2’s Eager Explorers!

        Author: Rachael Skidmore

        Year 2’s Eager Explorers!


        Last Friday, Year 2 welcomed some very special visitors to school! As part of our ‘Shall we go on a Safari?’ topic, we met some amazing African creatures; Casper the constrictor, Jarvis the Madagascan cockroach, Phantom the tarantula, Honey the gecko and Princess Katie the rat. The children were so brave as they had the opportunity to pet and handle the creatures. They asked lots of thoughtful questions linked to our science learning about habitats and how the animals are suited to their environments. Our experienced Zoolab Ranger had lived in Africa for many years and told us some fantastic stories about the larger animals that he had encountered on his travels. He even brought a snake skin to show us one of the largest snakes found in Africa! We all had such a brilliant morning and we talked about it all day long! We will be writing about our special visit in English this week and sharing our favourite moments in a recount.


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