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        Superhero Training Academy

        Author: Ad Min

        Superhero Training Academy

        Today, Reception dressed up as theirfavourite super heroes and talked about theirsuper powers. As part of our P.E sessions this term their instructions were to complete superhero bootcamp tasks such as crawling forwards and backwards, star jumps and climbing! In their number learning, crowds had gathered to wave the Superhero’s off on their special missions and they counted how many had arrived. They also created our own Superhero names and costumes. As part of their Literacy learning they read the super story, ‘Supertato’ and completed several missions including, ‘crack the code’ where they used iPads to scan QR codes to reveal hidden words. At their training academy they have needed thheir super skills to help them complete their missions and graduate from the Superhero Training Academy! Over and Out!

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