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        Sensational Salads!

        Author: hue

        As part of our DT topic this term, Y6 explored their culinary talents and Practical Smarts by designing and creating their own seasonal salads. Firstly, the children explored seasonality and looked at different foods that grew in different seasons as well as the core food groups and which foods belonged to which group according to the Eatwell Plate.  After this, the children launched themselves into a delicious taste testing session exploring combinations of tastes and textures. Year 6 also researched common salads from around the world to support the designing process of our own! Following this we practised the core skills we needed to prepare our ingredients and practised techniques such as claw and bridge cutting. Next, we designed and created our own scrumptious salads using a variety of ingredients, including seasonal vegetables, from around the world. Lastly, we evaluated our salads in accordance to their purpose, appearance, taste and texture.

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