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        Kindness – 52 Lives

        Author: hue

        This week, Greg Trout from Inspire+ paid Bourne Abbey a visit to promote kindness! He showed the children the charity called ’52 lives’, which aims to improve the lives of one person a week throughout the year. Each person who is chosen receives many cards and handmade gifts that will cheer them up.

        Year 6 were so excited for their challenge to create something for 9 Year old Oscar to enjoy. He is unwell and Greg gave them the mission to make something that will cheer him up and make him feel positive!

        Year 6 were very enthusiastic and wanted to make things that he liked (especially Marvel)! Year 6 children made cards, posters, toys and even small canvases!

        We were all super impressed with how creative they were!

        Here are some of the children in action!

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