Bourne Abbey Church of England Primary Academy

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        How has our curriculum been developed?

        Learning is:

        • a change in long-term memory
        • knowing more and remembering more
        • invisible in an individual lesson as it is constructed over time

        By using this understanding of learning we have developed a curriculum, which allows our pupils to gain knowledge over time in meaningful contexts, where core knowledge, language and skills are revisited supporting children to embed their understand and move from chunks of information to a scheme of knowledge and deep conceptual learning. This curriculum has been developed through academic reading and research, training, subject specialist advice and committed subject teams to develop a curriculum that supports long-term memory change.

        Big Ideas are a key feature of many of the subjects studied. They are the key concepts that thread through the whole subject. The subject Big Ideas are relevant in all year groups and are delivered through different topics and contexts across school. The children continually return to these core concepts each lesson, drawing the subject together no matter the context.

        This allows children to make meaningful links between information, supporting the movement from information to knowledge and learning.

        Progression is mapped across school through milestones in each subject (where subject appropriate).