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        From Pole to Pole in just 1 day!

        Author: Bourne Abbey


        From Pole to Pole in just 1 day!

        On Tuesday 21st January 2020, Polar Explorer Simon visited year 4 and took us on an exhilarating, unforgettable journey to the most remote corners of our planet in a whole-day as part of our Explorer Academy workshop. From building igloos, working as a team to manoeuvre vital supplies, surviving -40 degree temperatures in hazardous conditions and the horrors of frostbite, children were immersed in the white-knuckle world of Polar expedition.

        As part of our “Home is where the heart is” topic, the workshop provided an exhilarating and high-impact introduction to deepen children’s learning and understanding of our fascinating Antarctica topic and the awe-inspiring story of comradeship and endurance of explorer Ernest Shackleton.

        Over the course of the day, pupils spent time investigating issues such as the Arctic and Antarctic climate; the people and wildlife that inhabit these cold weather regions; the effects of climate change at the North Pole and the South Pole; glaciers, icebergs and the fate of the Titanic; the hazards of polar exploration; and the clothing and equipment needed to survive in such an inhospitable environment, modelled by Polar pioneers: Lucy, Laila and Savannah! The children have been keen to share all their new learning within our geography lessons. What an amazing, inspiring day!

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