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        Earth Day – Restore Our Earth

        Author: hue

        On the 22nd April we celebrated Earth Day and focussed on this year’s theme ‘Restore Our Earth.’  On this day, awareness of how we can look after our planet is raised. Children in each year group completed lessons on the day to celebrate and raise awareness of how they can make changes to their lifestyle.

        In Reception they read the story Messy Magpie and then planted wild flower seeds for the bees and other insects. Children in Year 1 learnt about carbon footprints and how to reduce theirs. The Year 2 children learnt about different habitats around the world, with the story ‘Dear Earth’ providing the inspiration. They focused on the ocean habitat, and thought about how some marine animals are endangered, but why? They designed eye-catching posters, which included snappy slogans to help to make people aware to take care of the ocean environment. Their year group message was ‘act local and think global,’ which they have pledged to do every day.

        In Year 3 they explored their carbon footprints and ways that they could improve theirs. Children in Year 4 focussed on environmental activist Greta Thunberg and how ’we are never too small to make a difference’ to our world. After discovering the damaging effects of deforestation in rainforests, they discussed the actions they could take to help reduce this effect on our planet and wrote rainforest promises.

        The Year 5 children also focussed on deforestation. They linked this to their balanced argument writing in English lessons and created information posters on this topic. Finally, children in Year 6 discussed the Global Goals and considered what the world could be like if all the Global Goals are met by the year 2030. They wrote postcards from their future selves explaining the difference in the world.


        Miss Worrall explained ‘Earth Day was not only about raising awareness of issues within our planet but it was a fantastic opportunity to show our children how they can be agents of change and make a difference to the world they live in. We hope it has inspired lots of children to start making small changes each day and realise they are never too small to make a difference.’


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