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        Christmas Christingles

        Author: hue

        Today the children all had the wonderful opportunity to make a Christingle in school and share in a very special Christingle service with their classes, singing carols and sharing prayers.

        A Christingle is used in Christian churches during Advent. It is made from different objects, which all have a special meaning:

        • The candle represents Jesus being the light of the world, bringing hope to people when they are in need.
        • The orange represents the world.
        • The sweets/dried fruit represent God’s creations in the four seasons.
        • The red ribbon represents God’s love for the world and the blood of Jesus when he died on the cross.

        Although the children and staff couldn’t all come together for a Christingle collective worship as we have in previous years it was still a very special time enjoyed by everyone who participated.

        We would like to say a huge thank you to Aimee Stocker, one of our wonderful parents, for donating to us all of the oranges used in the making of the Christingle.

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