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        Celebrating Compassion at the Cedars

        Author: Bourne Abbey

        On Wednesday the 26th of February our KS2 Collective Worship Council led and shared a special Collective Worship with residents of The Cedars care home in Bourne.  The Council were joined by school’s Community Kindness Group who regularly visit the residents too.   Our Christian value this term is compassion linked with forgiveness and with this as our key theme the Council carefully planned a thoughtful and reflective worship for the residents. A very famous parable that Jesus told is known as ‘The Parable of the Good Samaritan’. A parable is a story which has a special meaning behind it. This parable answers a big question Jesus was asked: Who is it our job to help? The Collective Worship Council discussed this big question and what it meant to be a neighbour within our community.   The children began by welcoming Jesus and then went on to re- tell and act out ‘The Parable of the Good Samaritan’ from Luke 10:25-37.

        As a Council, we also discussed that in our world, we are often asked to raise money or give our time to help out good causes. We might wonder the same thing – who can we help? Who should we help? How? As we explored the parable further the Councilors reflected upon Jesus’ answer to this question.

        The children performed the parable beautifully and left the residents and members of the Community Kindness Group with two reflective questions “How do you show compassion today and every day to your neighbour” and “What does it mean to be a neighbour to anyone?”

        As we are children of God and made in his image, we believe that our attitudes and choices must reflect the kindness, mercy and compassion of Jesus and the love of God for everyone.  The Collective Worship Council closed the worship with a prayer about being a friend and showing kindness and forgiveness.

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