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        Calling all Superheroes!

        Author: hue


        The Reception children have had an amazing first term filled with all things based on Superheroes.

        The term reached a fantastic finish with a spectacular Superhero Day.

        The children transformed into Superheroes by making stunning shape capes, which were carefully printed using an array of bright colours.

        Next the Superhero children enjoyed a Superhero Bootcamp training session, where they used their superhero physical skills to balance and move in lots different ways.

        The children had a problem to solve after Supertato arrived at school in the pouring rain with a wet cape. They were challenged to explore, talk about, predict and test a variety of materials such as kitchen roll, cling film, cloths, bubble wrap, thick and thin paper to find the best material to waterproof Supertato’s cape. Phew! It was mission complete.


        The children were amazing Superheroes, completing all the learning challenges.

        Well done little Superheroes!


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