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        Calling all explorers!

        Author: hue

        A message form Professor Behemoth…


        Ahhhhhh hello once again! I am Professor Behemoth; an explorer with a very special interest in the weird and wonderful creatures of this world.

        It was wonderful to see so many of you this week as you visited my study.  All around my office you found a wealth of information about the beasts I have identified and researched all across the globe.

        However, my great book about all of these magical beasts was incomplete I needed at least one more page writing- this is where you came in. I needed you to write me my final instalment.

        I hope you enjoyed looking through my books, maps and scrolls to find out information about all the creatures I have studied. You must have found lots of useful facts and ideas because I am quite simply overjoyed with your writing results. In fact, I shall be publishing as many as possible into my book because they were truly wonderful.

        Thank you all for helping me complete my life’s work and finally complete my chronological of the weird and wonderful creates of our fine world.

        I have included lots of pictures below for you to look. I hope you enjoy reading the work as much as I did.

        Professor Behemoth

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