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        Back to School!

        Author: Bourne Abbey

        On the 8th March 2021, we were absolutely thrilled to open our doors once more to welcome all of our children back for the first time since December! Streams of beaming faces flooded through our gates in the morning and the pupils spent the week immersed in a range of activities to help to integrate them back into day-to-day school life, including lots of opportunities for socialising and investigating! Take a look at our first fabulous week back!

        Our Reception children demonstrating team work and friendship. It is wonderful to see the children back together as if they have never been away.  A week of smiles and reconnecting!

        To welcome the children back into school in Year 3, they participated in team building activities.  They had to work as a team to build the tallest tower they possibly could without it falling over! This helped with their communication skills and working with their friends after a long time apart.

        The children in Year 4 had lots of fun this week taking part in a science experiment to show how the human digestive system works. With a clear bag for the stomach, they watched the effects of stomach acid ( orange juice) and saliva (water) on a cracker and a banana, whilst a leg from a tight was used to represent the absorption of nutrients in the small intestine. It was fascinating to think how our food is used in our body, even if it did make a few feel a little queasy!

        As part of Fairtrade Fortnight which ran from 22nd February to the 7th March, Year 6 were very lucky to receive a donation from the Bourne Elsea Park Co Op store.

        As part of their South America Rainforest topic, the children have been learning all about deforestation and the impact of this on the environment and the world. They had a lesson focussing on Fairtrade and ‘Forest Friendly Farming’ where they found out the importance of Fairtrade but also how farming can be done sustainably to protect the rainforests in the world.

        The children were excited to receive Fairtrade bananas, chocolate and chocolate chips alongside Rice Krispies and Corn Flakes to create cakes and chocolatey banana treats. We are very thankful to the Co Op for donating ingredients to our school. It was a fantastic experience for the children to learn about the importance of Fairtrade in a fun, engaging way. This linked brilliantly with our rainforest topic and our Eco Schools work. It was a fantastic end to our first week back at school.





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