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        Amazing Agents of Change!

        Author: hue

        We are exceptionally proud of one of our Teaching Assistants, Mrs West, who took part in a 24 hour sponsored walk over the summer to raise money and awareness for Male Mental Health and supported the charity Don’t Lose Hope. We know it was an incredibly hard task both emotionally and physically and we are in awe of your achievement! Well done Mrs West!


        Whilst we knew that Mrs West was planning to take part in this amazing challenging, we were completely surprised to hear that our very own year 5 pupil, Hugo, was so inspired by them walking past his house that he decided to join in! Sally Donaldson, a 24 hour Walker and fundraising supporter of Don’t Lose Hope, emailed the school over the holidays to say what a delight Hugo was. He smiled and chatted the whole time. Hugo then re-joined the walkers on the last leg of their journey back to the Don’t Lose Hope Community Garden- he even brought along members of his family for extra support!

        Well done to both of you. You have certainly inspired and encouraged many members of our Bourne community. Well done!



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