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        A ‘Hole’ New World!

        Author: Bourne Abbey

        On Thursday 6th February, Year 6 pupils from Bourne Abbey, Elsea Park and Colsterworth Primary Academies spent an amazing afternoon at Nottingham Playhouse watching an enthralling stage adaptation of Holes – the best-selling novel by Louis Sachar.

        Having studied Holes in our English lessons, the children were very familiar with the larger-than-life characters; the twists and turns of the complex plot and were curious to see how Adam Penford would recreate this beautifully engineered story.

        With outstanding performances from the actors, this inventive and theatrical production exceeded all our expectations. The stage set was surprisingly simple but the striking use of colour and lighting to move through scenes was mesmerising. For added enjoyment, the funky music, humorous moments and careful use of props kept the audience captivated and entertained.

        “I’ve never been to a theatre show before, but I loved it – it was amazing,” commented one of the children.

        The pupils at Bourne Abbey have since gone on to write their own theatre reviews to help audiences decide whether they too would enjoy this wonderful show.


        Review by Evie Sutton

        Holes – a must-see performance!

        Holes is an absolute must-see stage adaptation of the book, written by Louise Sachar, performed at the Nottingham Playhouse. Old and young enjoyed this incredibly humorous production – on Thursday 6th February  – put together by director Adam Penford.

        Secrets, humour and curiosity, Holes has got it all. This outstanding story is all about a boy named Stanley Yelnats, who was (wrongly) found guilty of stealing some sneakers. Stanley and the boys are forced to dig holes in an alternative prison and that’s a lot of holes. It’s said that they’re digging for character but what are they really looking for?

        Wonderful techniques were used during the performance to help the lights match the mood of the characters. Simple props were also used to get the audience to use their imagination, which had an astonishing effect. The scenes were brought to life in such a remarkable way – I would recommend this production as it surpassed all expectations. Dramatic lighting isolated the characters bringing all the attention to the individual actor or actress. This is an amazing show!

        There were ten actors, yet many more characters – all of the performers involved in this production brilliantly took on multi-roles. Outstanding body language was used to help express their emotions and get them across to the audience. The highlight of the production for me was the instant change in Kate Barlow: from complete innocent to an outlaw, all in a flick of the hair and the application of some lipstick. Their acting ability was so flawless that you couldn’t notice that Zero and Squid were female. The gender-blind casting didn’t affect the impact on the theatre-goers however.

        Overall, the play was excellent and exceeded all expectations. The atmosphere created by the actors had everyone on the edge of their seats wondering what could possibly happen next. If you don’t go and see this fabulous show you have missed out on a great opportunity.



        Review by Isabel Friel.

        On the 6th February, at the Nottingham Playhouse Theatre, a spectacular performance of the amazing book, Holes, was put on by the Nottingham Playhouse Theatre Company.

        This best-selling novel and film tells the story of young boys who have to dig holes under the boiling Texan sun. With lots of twists and turns, this play captures the mysterious storyline of the novel by Louis Sachar; quite literally filling in the holes that you are left with after reading the puzzling novel!

        The set was amazing: a wooden board lifted up to reveal a glowing mountain scene. To top it off, stage props were either wheeled or whizzed onto the stage. It really captured the things Stanley Yelnats (the main character) went through.

        All of the actors captured the roles in Sachar’s book perfectly; conveying their personality and looks. James Backway played the lead role but also played a number of different characters as well.

        Holes was an amazing stage play directed by Adam Penford. This show kept everyone entertained and had lots of laughable moments. It was an excellent experience and whatever the age, it will keep you on the edge of your seats the whole way through.


        Review by Jamie Ford

        Last Thursday, at the Nottingham Playhouse Theatre, an excellent performance by the Nottingham Playhouse Theatre Company took place. It was based on Louis Sachar’s award winning novel – Holes.

        The story starts when Stanley Yelnats was walking home. Suddenly, a pair of sneakers appeared out of the sky; sooner or later he was sentenced to Camp Green Lake. Will he be found innocent?

        Throughout the performance, the thrilling background was constantly changing. The lighting work between the flashback and the present was excellent; although a bit too yellow at times! The stage props had a lot of thought put into them. Year Six’s biggest question was how they were going to dig the holes – but they made it happen by moving sand barrels on and off the stage.

        The actors were great but Year Six think they should have had a few more, as Zig Zag and Twitch weren’t there. Other than that, the actors were perfect. Stanley (who was played by James Backway) didn’t forget a single line in the whole performance – in fact, no-one did!

        Overall, the play was great: I’d recommend any age from child to adult would like it. My favourite part was when the warden said, “Excuuuuuuuse Meee?!” Judging by the cheers and claps, the majority of the audience loved the whole twisty-turny performance.

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