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        A Fairy Tale Ball

        Author: Bourne Abbey


        Friday 14th February was a day to remember for the Year 3 children of Bourne Abbey Primary Academy. To celebrate the end of a wonderful term’s work (and coincidentally, Valentine’s Day!), the children travelled to a magical land far, far away, to attend a magnificent fairy tale ball.

        Ball gowns were ironed, shoes were polished, hair was plaited and floppy fringes were quaffed, beards were trimmed, hats were dusted off and jewels were polished until they shone like stars. Then, once the fairy tale friends were ready, they set off for the night of their lives.

        The dancefloor was rammed from the very beginning with people flossing and dabbing their hearts out. But then, one or two were inspired by Strauss’ enchanting Waltzes and many of the guests found partners and followed a more traditional style.

        Throughout the ball, the guests had the opportunity to create their very own magic mirrors and gingerbread buddies, and they were even challenged to build a house the big bad wolf would not be able to blow down.

        The inquisitive guests carried out fantastic investigations to learn about how the rain would have damaged the sweeties used to tile the witch’s roof in Hansel and Gretel, and they saw how sultanas dance when dropped in lemonade!

        To end the celebration, the children sat down to an exquisite banquet! The colossal golden tables were piled high with the freshest and sweetest jam sandwiches, the finest, most thinly sliced, golden crisp and the crunchiest, chewiest gingerbread men the world has ever seen. They raised their golden goblets to toast one another, and they all lived happily ever after… well, almost. They soon came down to earth with a bang when their evil teachers decided to set a bonus Half Term Holiday Homework Challenge!

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